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Income vs. Growth

Shift from growth
to income

You spend your whole life saving, building, and growing your assets in order to make it to this eventual dream called retirement. As you near retirement you have to make the mental paradigm shift which is that now, you are going to have to rely on these assets to replace that paycheck you no longer receive. In other words, you now have to shift your investment focus from growth to income.

At retireXP we recognize that you've had help from professionals who specialize in growing your assets along the way. However, now that you've made this shift into the income phase of your life, shouldn’t the person guiding you through retirement also have a focus and specialization in income rather than growth? Its vital to have a custom roadmap that is designed to know exactly what part of your overall wealth will be used to provide you income in any given year, be able to adjust that income for inflation going forward, and to know that you can't outlive that income. With out a proper plan and a scientific approach, can you be certain that by drawing down your investments you won't run out of money before you run out of time? We're here to take away that black cloud of uncertainty and design that custom roadmap, and help make the transition from growth to income as comfortable as possible.