Specializing in retirement income solutions.
Financial Planner
We will work through the process to identify your needs, goals and strategy, and put your plan into action
Mortgage Advisor
We’ll give you independent advice and help you search over thousands of mortgages to find the right deal for you
Pension Advisor
We will be happy to give you information and guidance on occupational or private pension arrangement

We Provide the Best Services

retireXP's mission is to personally guide our clients through a financially sound and enjoyable retirement. We specifically concentrate on the needs of the pre-retiree and recently retired. We take a holistic approach when developing a financial strategy for your future, and act as a "personal CFO" to our clients by designing a custom income plan that is centered around your wants, needs and goals. At retireXP we value our clients, knowing that the relationship is the cornerstone of success. Our passion for your financial well-being and our commitment to your future starts with a thorough understanding of your current situation, expectations and goals. Our combined 25 years of experience will help us develop a comprehensive investment strategy and solidify your retirement income plan that fits both your lifetime and legacy goals.

At retireXP we are a comprehensive wealth management firm and offer a full range of financial products and services. We provide our clients with institutional level portfolio management, as well advanced level insurance strategies designed to maximize estates and minimize tax obligations where possible. We act on a completely independent basis and can therefore make recommendations solely based on the best interests of our clients.

To schedule a time to discuss your financial future and the possible role of insurance or investments in your financial strategy, contact us at retirement@ibmsb.com or call us at 682.214.2330 today!